About Me

Everyone has to have one, here is mine. This page is all about me.


Personal Stats

Name: Brander Garrett Roullett

Alias: Badger, SableBadger, BadgerRobot (xbox live)

Birth date: March 1st, 1970 12:05 PM

Astrology: Pisces (western) Year of the Dog (Chinese)

Height/Weight: 5 foot 9 inches, 200 lbs

Favorite Color(s): Darker colors and hues, black, “fall” colors.


Bethany – My wife, my better half, my everything. We met through the SCA, and found in each other the missing puzzle piece that makes our lives complete. We complement each other quite well, and support each other through thick and thin. I’ve helped her create a website for herself, so you can take a look if your interested.

Hiro – My son, the most amazing thing that’s happened in my life.  It’s a joy to watch him learn and grow.  We keep a blog of photos here: Hiro’s Blog you can see all the way back to the beginning.

Mom – Known to others as Carol Dow, my mother has always been there for me, supporting me, and showing me how to be a good person. She has always encouraged me to find my own way in life, for which I am eternally grateful.

Ian – My “little” brother. There is an twelve year gap between us, and we have different fathers, and I think he’s probably one of my better friends in the world. He’s a great kid, smart as heck, and always charming. He is almost as much, if not more, of a net head than I am, so you can find him on the web as well. He runs under the alias Nightowl.

Current Hobbies

Woodworking – I’ve been delving into the Hand Tool world of woodworking for a few years now, and really enjoying it.  You can read about learning and projects at my woodworking blog.

Props and Costumes – Something we’ve been into of late is making Props (me) and Costumes (her) from sci-fi and fantasy movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and more. I’ve been using some of my hand on skills, and learn lots and lots of new ones to make things like lathe turned harry potter wands from the movies, and working with fake hair to make some Padme Amidala (star wars) hair pieces for her costumes. It’s been lots of fun, and she’s won a few awards for her costuming already.

Music – I’ve always been interested in music, ever since I was very young. It comes from having two very musical parents I think. My mother plays guitar, and was in a number of folk and bluegrass bands when I was a wee lad. My favorite was a band called Mud and Lace, which was an all female bluegrass band that wore wedding dresses and combat boots on stage. My father plays a variety of instruments, mostly anything with strings. Unfortunately talent seems to skip a generation. I have always struggled with music, and while my desire was there, my brain just wouldn’t go for it.

History and Medieval Re-enactment – I’ve been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for a while, and have really enjoyed it. I have always loved history, and this gave me a setting to indulge myself in a few esoteric hobbies. I have done quite a number of things including Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Medieval Brewing, and Costuming. I have a lot of research into medieval brewing techniques, and made a number of tasty concoctions. I also taught myself to sew, and created a number of period outfits. But my single biggest interest in the SCA has been Medieval Heraldry, the study of Arms in the middle ages. I have a pretty large library of some rare books on the subject.  I don’t attend events much anymore, but I still love history.

— Badger

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